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Student Leaders

Chris Bettner
I'm a senior Mechanical Engineer from outside Philadelphia.  I've found that though engineering is great and feel called to serve God as an engineer, I've recently l realized that it is but "striving after the wind" (Ecclesiastes), and find Christ's call to know him and make him known to be a much greater purpose to live. In my free time, I enjoy watching European futbol, lifting, playing soccer, and jamming on guitar.

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Andy Hendry                               I’m a Mechanical Engineering major from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. I became a Christian in 7th grade, but have needed to learn a lot throughout the years. By God’s grace, He has brought me closer and closer to knowing and loving His Son, Jesus. In my spare time I am an RA, I teach the Hip Hop class on campus, I enjoy working out, and make a mean cup of coffee.

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Kevin Delano
Hello!  I'm a senior Physics major from Ohio, California, and Texas.  I find God's intelligent design in the laws of the universe not only to be compelling evidence for God's existence but also a reason for deep reverence and awe at who God is and what he's made.  In my spare time, I enjoy watching college football, playing sports and watching Sci-Fi.

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Cameron Darkes-Burkey        Hey!!! I am a junior Chemical Engineering major from Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Over the past few years, I have been humbled by the incredible work that I have seen the Lord do both in me and around me. I find the pursuit of getting to know the Bible an incredible endeavor and am in love with the fellowship that we have among fellow Christians. Some of my other passions include tennis, volleyball, table tennis, chocolate, and basically anything involving being active and being with people.

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Ian Miller                                     Yo!  I’m a Junior Electrical and Computer Engineering Major from Manhattan, Kansas.  In the past couple years, God has brought me from simply enjoying hanging out with Christians to genuinely loving Christ, seeking to serve Him, and desiring to make Him known.  I also enjoy board games, ice cream, Lord of the Rings, and anything having to do with space exploration.

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