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Bible Studies

Who was Jesus?  What does the Bible really say about him?  There’s a wide array of opinions out there.  Was he a philosopher, moral teacher, religious activist, political reformer, the Lord and Savior?  Come to a bible study to take a look at the real Jesus.  Whether you’re a skeptic, seeker, a Christian, or just curious, you’re welcome to visit one of these studies.  We welcome different opinions, and seek to listen respectfully to everyone. 

Andy, Ian & Dan (co-ed study)
Monday 7pm
3rd Floor Kamine Lounge

Carolyn, Ji & Lauren (women's study)
Tuesday 7pm
Farinon Room 211

Andy & Tomoki (co-ed study)
Tuesday 7pm
Keefe Commons

Chris & Tim (co-ed study)
Wednesday 5pm
Watson Library

Cameron & Kevin (co-ed study)
Thursday 7pm
Gates Basement

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